Broke as a joke

Discussion in 'General' started by 401s Freshest, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. Whats up blades just made a new account. I was a member since 09 as 420_hightimes but forgot my password and email account.

    Anyways who else out here is broke? I know I'm not the only one but damn I feel like shit when I've got like no money to spend. My car needs new tires, turbo just blew so about 2 grand that I dont even have to start with.

    Going to be paying off my old man for about 2 months since I dont have money for the turbo right now. Plus car payment and other bills... Going to sell my ps3 today so I can a couple extra hundred towards tires but damn. Not going to be buying weed or having a ps3 at the same time is going to be boring. Im really just pissed at myself for not saving money all summer.

    Guess I'll be on here quite a bit more for the next few months, Look forwards to catching up with everyone on here, its been about 6 months since I been on here.

    Someone cheer me up or give me an idea on how to make a boatload of money quick haha, toke on :smoke:
  2. Bro you might wanna contact the mods. Pretty sure having a multi is IP ban-able on all forums.
  3. how do you forget your password after 3 years of using it? hahaha
    i dunno man if ya dont have a job look for one.
  4. Im sure you can dig up your old account and email if you tried real hard.. Anyways about the monetary issues.. the best thing to do is bring anything you have that you dont need down to the pawn shop.. U can usually get 5-10$ per video game.. 150~ for a p3.. they also take many other things you probably have but not thinking about.. i.e power tools, entertainment systems, etc... Just think outside the box.. or maybe try to get another side job?
  5. [ame=]Rick Ross - Holy Ghost (Feat. Diddy) - YouTube[/ame]

  6. Ehh I did that for about 4 years Im sick of the game. Im not even worried about no bud, just having like no money to your name blows. Save up kids

  7. Indeed, multiple accounts are not allowed here at all. What was your previous name? In order to keep ANY account here we'll need to investigate.
  8. Ey yo ass to that street corner!

    What kinda car you got? Just rebuilt the turbo save u a lot I money- depending On turbo the rebuild kit can be as low as $30, but balancing the turbo but and spindle would prob the the most expensive part of it.
  9. Know any skilled labor? Painting, floor laying, tile, etc? Great money in it. Ask around in your family. Usually always someone wanting a room painted or something they don't wanna do.
  10. between rent, bills, food, and weed, plus any additional costs of every day living, plus the occasional splurge, i don't know how much longer i can get away with not having a job (not by choice; handing out resumes like crazy, but no luck yet). it's to the point where i beat myself up for weeks for spending even $20 on something non-necessary.
    i'm just lucky to have a partner who works, and really supportive parents.
  11. It's hard out there man. It's not so much the rent and utilities ( split the bills with a roommate) but the gas and groceries. I mean a 100 bucks gets ya a tank of gas and couple bags of groceries if you're lucky. I don't see how some people get by though.
  12. Find a job , log out .
  13. Well to be fair, like 95% of places now only have online applications. :smoke:
  14. remember when you were younger and $100 was SO MUCH money? i used to get $2 every saturday for allowance, and that was awesome. now, in my 20s, $100 is absolutely nothing. $500/month is nothing. it's ridiculous how your perspective changes once the most expensive thing you want goes from being a new video game, to a place to live, or a car, or a fucking vaccuum cleaner or something.

  15. word.

  16. Bird.

  17. Yep, I actually landscape for a full time job and have all day to just think while mowing. And this drives me crazy when I think about this, Money goes out just a fast as it comes in.

    Anyways, got my tires on my car. Feeling a little better today about my car situation. Just got to get used to not spending money for the next few months

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