Broke a tooth on X :(

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  1. K, well last night i rolled on some pink puma's. i gotta say, in the last month, these are definitely the best rolls i've had. However, I have a dilemma. I clench my teeth regardless of whats going on, sober, rolling, high, sleeping, I always clench my teeth. So last night I was chewin some gum and I guess when i closed my mouth my jaws werent quite centered, so then my jaw slid sideways to line back up, and a corner of one of my teeth in the back chipped off :( Sucks, no pain, and the tooth isn't fucked up bad (no root exposed or anything) but I know that now that spot has no enamel, and I'm assuming that leaves that tooth wide open to a cavity or something. Anyone else have some shit like that happen to them? Sucks ass!
  2. one of my molars like EXPLODED when i chomped down on a crazy popcorn kernel.
  3. ugh. i just pictured that in my head and it was not fun lol. I'm always afraid to eat popcorn cause sometimes hard kernel's are still on the popped corn too. but yeah i keep running my tongue over the sharp edge in my tooth now, and every time it fuckin freaks me out.
  4. just make an appt with your dentist. he'll put a cap or crown on it. hell, nowadays there's prolly some sort of laquer/enamel they can brush on to protect it....and not cost an arm and leg.
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    I knew you would have a good time on those red/pink puma's.I wasant sure if the batch or maker was the same but when I poped two pink/red Puma's I was rolling hard.Unlike these bunk fucking Red/pink heart's I have now.I hate bad pill's.

    Suck's about your tooth though.See the dentist though and they should be able to help.I have a few small chips in my teeth from skateboarding and I know what you mean about the shardness thing.Lol
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    shit that sucks man,i was in a car accident like 2 months ago and when my head broke the windshield i broke my 2 front teeth in half.

    also broke my leg in 5 places,but it sucks so fucking bad i really need to see a dentist,i look like a fucking redneck.

    anyways they will just put a cap on that most likely.
  7. hey OP where are you from? cuz theres some pink pumas going around here in the bay area and I heard they smacked but after looking at people that took them they looked like they mightve had some speed in them. but w.e I guess theyre smackers haha

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