Brock Lesnar vs Butterbean: Who would win?

Discussion in 'All Sports' started by weednotcrack, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. I just thought of this in the morning, who would win in a fight, Brock Lesnar or Butterbean?

    Brock Lesnar:

  2. Butterbean sucks pretty hard at MMA. He lost to Marius Pudzianowski in about a minute, and Pudzianowski also seriously sucks at MMA. Lesnar is a skilled MMA fighter. Lesnar, no contest.

  3. This....;)
  4. honest opinion...brock lesnar easily by take down and smash mode
  5. Brock Lesnar would beat the brakes off that jive turkey
  6. the roid head
  7. Lesnar would murder butterbean, absolutely murder him.

  8. Yeah butterbean Has bulked up.......[​IMG]
  9. Realistically, once butterbean starts sweating and the scent of those burgers he stuffs his face with enters Brocks nostrils... Brock would go albino gorilla on his ass, dismantle and devour him.
  10. Damn, hahah, not one person thinks Butterbean would win?:laughing:
  11. Butterbean, hahaha

  12. Why would they? Do you honestly think Butterbean could stop any sort of takedown from a wrestler of Brocks caliber? For real, Butterbean basically has no balance and just falls over with a strong wind in most his fights and proceeds to tap as soon as he gets punched in the face, knowing he has absolutely no chance of standing back up on his own let alone with someone on top of him. :smoke:
  13. If Barack Lesnar got butterfingers on his back, it would be over.
  14. Butterbean via Flying triangle choke.... haha no but really Brock would win in approximately 2.5 seconds.
  15. Butterbean. look at that stare, it's deadly

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