Broad mites! White flies? Help

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  1. I am STRUGGLING badly with my plants.

    So I had perfectly fine plants that I transferred over to my flower room, and I got brand new plants from seeds put into my veg room. Before putting my flower plants to sleep, I sprayed them with forbid because I had noticed webs all over some of my back plants. I sprayed the veg as well since they had been contaminated too.
    After about 2 weeks I noticed my flower plants were looking really strange and the buds were not coming out correctly. I figured maybe I had burnt my plants with forbid and figured they would recover after a week or so. The whole run was pretty ugly, towards the end i noticed a thick white substance all over my plants, it was thick and grainy looking, I would compare it to snow fall (I thought it was powdered mildew at the time but the thickness and the amount of residue that was falling off the leaf made me wonder why this pm seemed a little off.) Anyway, I finally got through the run and ended up with some ok looking buds but the plants in general were in pretty bad shape. Everything looked distorted and strange. I have sprayed forbid many times in the past and never experienced this. Shocked I ended up with anything at all, I was just happy to be done with that run.

    At the same time my veg plants started reacting the same way that my plants in flower did. Twisted leaves/ branches, growth was stunted, leaves had indentations on them and were shiny and deformed. After a few weeks, I would start noticing when I would go to feed I would see so much residue fly up when I had any interaction with the plants. It was strange but I guess I didn’t think much about it. It has been about over 2 months and my plants still haven’t recovered. I started to wonder if it was really chemical burn that had happened or something else? I did tons of research I came up with broad mites and whiteflies but I’m not 100% sure and would love to hear my fellow growers opinions. I’m going crazy and have become obsessed with this issue, please help!!!

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  2. Some of my pictures didn’t post first time around

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  3. That poor thing is fried!:thumbsdown:
    Looks like it got burned by the chemical armageddon you put it through.
    mid trash it and start over.
  4. Definitely looks like spray burn but it’s not. Got carried on to friends plants and same thing is happening and they haven’t sprayed. Has to just be broad mites. It’s a nightmare
  5. Dammit!
    I guess my aphid invasion isn’t so bad after all. Hope you get it figured out :thumbsdown:
  6. Perhaps the Forbid resistant critters have arrived (if not something else).
  7. You might look in to Nematodes. We order them from Arbico, and use them weekly. Currently we use NemaSeek one week, and NemAttack the next. They are very sharp people, if you call their number, someone who knows what is what answers the phone. You can tell them you are growing cannabis and have white flies, and they will recommend the right Nematodes for it.
    Idea is that you interrupt the lifecycle. Eggs and larvae are in the media for many of these pests, then the adult form is winged. Nematodes are voracious eaters of larvae. Its hyper violent too, Nematodes get inside the larvae through the mouth or the bunghole, or just chew their way in through the larva's back. Then once they get inside, its like that thing popping out of the dude's chest in Alien, except they don't pop out; they just stay inside and keep eating. You can often see the larvae at the surface of the media trying to get away.

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