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    There is no way you could dis prove this, therefore you take it on faith that your not the only conscious person.
  2. Picture broken for anyone else?
  3. i see it and op ive thought of this before lol
  4. Why would anyone not consider that other people are conscious or even have feelings, except for the lulz?
  5. I feel its a bigger assumption to think you are the only consciousness, than it is to assume you are just one of 7 billion.
  6. Assuming that you are the only conscious person is, somehow, a bigger assumption than a fact? How did that transcend being a fact?
  7. can't see the picture... :(
  8. Haha, this is indeed something grand. If one is to build on it of course! What if, we were all comatose, and something was keeping us conscious, but only through a made-up world. That everything we see in this reality, was fake, and that it was all destructible. Shit man, this can be the makings of a philosophy that could prove the existence of even God!
  9. Haha I remember when I was real little, like 8 or 9 years old. I would think 'what if everybody else was a robot....omg what if I'm the only one thinking!' Lol....being young is.....something else.
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    Circular reasoning (also known as paradoxical thinking[citation needed] or circular logic), is a logical fallacy in which "the reasoner begins with what he or she is trying to end up with".[1] The individual components of a circular argument will sometimes be logically valid because if the premises are true, the conclusion must be true, and will not lack relevance. Circular logic cannot prove a conclusion because, if the conclusion is doubted, the premise which leads to it will also be doubted

    What they said. :)
  11. I always wondered why after i kill someone they disappear
  12. I don't see a picture. But I have faith in nothing, because all the word faith means, is accept something you don't understand, and remain stupid, and never ever ever search for the true answers. Faith is a horrible word.
  13. I think this is the picture OP meant to post. It's the same url without a period in the middle.


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