British soldiers on LSD

Discussion in 'General' started by highinhouston, Apr 14, 2006.

  1. damn, thats fake, theres no way all those guys are gonna go into enemy territory and not trip balls and start freaking out and spraying bullets everywhere
  2. Thats awesome!

    I knew they've done testing, i've never seen the videos though.

    "With one man climbing a tree to feed the birds..."

  3. I'm 95% sure it's real. I've seen this before...
  4. well it couldnt really be enemy territory then, i cant belive they wouldnt freak out at the thought of getting shot at and being sent into a bad trip
  5. it was real, but it wasnt real enemy territory, i love it when the guy was climbing the tree to feed the birds, fucking classic!


  6. It was real. And it was a controlled test. They wouldnt send soldiers on acid to battle, and film it on top of that. They were seeing the effects of lsd to use against the enemy.
  7. Looked to be a good time. Like Perfekt, I enjoyed the seriousness with which the narrator showed the man climbing the tree and feeding the birds. Hehehe.

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