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Bristol, UK Pick Ups

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Rockbottom, May 20, 2010.

  1. Though I'd start a thread and post some pics of the grade that I've picked up recently.

    No Name High Grade #1

    This is some of the nicest grade I've ever had, pics don't fully do it justice tbh! VERY pungent skunky smell (enough to penetrate 2 smelly proof baggies), very sticky and tasted boom! Was a struggle to grind this up, as it was so sticky. :hello:

    No Name High Grade #2

    Again, some very nice grade... a little leafy (could have been trimmed better), very sweet smelling, gives a very nice, long lasting high! :smoke:

    I will update this thread as and when I get time.

    Peace! :cool:
  2. looks good bro! nice pickup!
  3. that first pick up has a very vivid colour, i wonder what strain it is...i know what its like tryin to get bud in the UK tho, never get told any strains or any info, its always just the quick 20 bag job eh? i guess its like that up my way 99% of the time anyway. looks like some pretty nice nugs tho man, peace.
  4. Some very nice green mate. Should be getting some really nice stuff myself tomorow, hopefully try and get a pic up.
    Mind me asking where abouts in Bristol your at, no need to answer if you dont want man

  5. I'm in the Fishponds area, where abouts in the UK are you man?
  6. I'm in Bris aswell mate i live not to far from there like go past mangotsfield in this little village.

    Picked up some real nice green last night £180 for the O, gonna have a good look for my wire and try get some pics up

  7. A bit pricey but if it's boom then it's all good. :smoke:
  8. Looks like some fire, thanks for sharing :smoke:
  9. Nice high grade bro!:smoke:
  10. Nice buds.
  11. First strain looks like the Cali Creep I smoked on a few days ago.

    Nice pungent smell and lively green colors.

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