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  1. BRINK is going to be AWSOME the only thing that would make this game any better is 3D wich it might have to compete with KILLZONE 3 S.M.A.R.T = Smooth Movement Accros Random Terrain:cool: I hope it will have MOVE compatibility:eek:
  2. count me in haha :hello:
    Looks epic already.. ;D
  3. I've been waiting for this game to come out for a while, smart system looks awesome
  4. Im kinda not a fan of emptying a whole clip into sombody to kill them though:eek: In the videos the kriss II or vector from MWF2 takes a whole clip just to kill 1 guy ugh. It needs 3D:cool:
  5. Bump for epicness
  6. If MWF2 let you choose your outfit instead of being based on weponry it would be that much better. BRINK lets you totally customize your charecter as you choose with unlockable gear so you can tell who the TRUE bad asses are.
  8. S.M.A.R.T.? Whatever the fuck that is, I Don't think any shooter of this generation can beat KZ3 having: 7.1, PSmove aiming precision, 64-128 player online, overlaying KZ3 sexy graphics in 3D over PSmove controller; Wait, isn't that VR?
  9. S.M.A.R.T= Smooth Movement Across Random Terrain. I believe this game is made by peaople who made KILLZONE it looks similar in all its beautifull glory and like I stated erlier in this thread it NEEDS! 3D to compete with KILLZONE 3 and MOVE support wich by the time its out it will have since that is the next level of gaming expect most games from here on out to have a 3D mode or add on FREE later. NO its not VR if you had the 3D screen in your glasses totally submersed THEN it would VR as long as you can see R reality its not 100% V virtual.
  10. Well I for one wasnt ready my mind got fuckin blown haha it looks like a combination of Killzone 2, and team fortress... which = balls combusting
  11. When you hold down the sprint button if your character class is agile enough the game will automatically vault over obstacles, run up walls onto roofs and jump onto shit for you, they got a developer interview available to watch on the 360 dashboard :) pretty epic
  12. It's gonna be sweet. I've been looking forward to this for a while. Hopefully I can get a console again before it comes out!
  13. Get it!
  14. I got all the videos that PSN has released on my HD so I can watch it in all its 1080p glory all the developer diaries and some storyline with a glimpse of multiplayer SWEET!
  15. Send .
  16. Oh...I have them on my PS3:p hence the PSN playstation network.
  17. I've been looking into the game quite a bit lately and have concluded that I will be a Light Operative. Meaning I'll be the fast fucker flying on walls and sneaking up behind you when you least expect it, yall best watch out for real. This is the first video game I'm playing competitively and am very excited!
  18. damn I thought they were FINALLY making a game about the disney movie, with roller-blading

    as with all games now-a-days I take what developers say with a grain of salt, it looks promising...heres hoping they can achieve it (and bug free on time)
  19. looks like they took COD and added wall running and a sliding drop shot, faggity online moments shall ensue.

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