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Bringing weed through airport security?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by biggesthitever, Mar 12, 2011.

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    I know I know, shit loads of threads regarding the topic but i got a more specific question. Everyone talks about puttin a few gs in your underwear double bagged under the crotch. Problem is, most airports now dont just use metal detectors and x-rays, they have this new thing you gotta walk through at security that can see your whole body and everything on you, basically like an xray, but a legit picture and picks up everything (not just bone/metal/etc).
    Anyone know if you could still get by one of these by putting some bud in your underwear?
    Got any better ideas?
    Let me know, traveling soon ;)
  2. thats weird i live in tucson and they dont have body scanners in that airport. youre fucked unless you check a bag essentially.

    the body scanner sees EVERYTHING u answered ur question right there. dont do that
  3. The only place is your anus. Sorry bud.
  4. You can opt out of the full body scanners. They will grope you and pat you down real well. The wife crotched some once to vegas. No problems
  5. Dont do it at all just go to where ever you're going and just buy weed there or just drive there all this extra stuff to get one up on the TSA police is stupid and would lead you nowhere but getting a cavity check not at the airport, but at prison where you will be sleeping by a guy name bubba
  6. Stick it in your boxer briefs pocket and have them pat you down.
  7. I'm going to cancun, mexico over spring break. I plan on trying to "sneak" blades of lawn/grass on. If I can during my trip (April 14 ish) I will bring weed next time :hello:
  8. If you need weed so badly that you would risk federal prison than I strongly suggest you check into rehab....
  9. I would not risk it personally bud, not worth it.

  10. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dWQM6sOsd5k]YouTube - Half Baked: I Used to Suck dick for coke![/ame]
  11. my dad ground up weed put it in green tea bags and put it back in the box and shrink wrapped it made it from atl to dallas
  12. idk where you're going or how long you're staying, but if you need it that bad just bring cash and visit a shady area or headshop and let people know the position your in, im sure you can run into something :p
  13. i know someone who has a very good technique and is successful all the time. unfortunately i have not been enlightened. risking it isnt a good idea man. not these times.
  14. A couple weeks ago an Undercover TSA agent smuggled a gun through those scanners five times without getting caught...

    TSA Source: Armed Agent Slips Past DFW Body Scanner

    they are not as good as you all think..

    To the OP, Most of what everyone is saying is right, weed and the airport dont mix, You will most likely be nervous as fuck walking through those and that is what a lot of those TSA agents look for

    If your determined to do this, bag it up, put it in a condom, and you have to put it up your ass.. GL
  15. not worth trying to carry it.

    buy it whereever you go

    its not worth the risk, time and money of getting caught

  16. if you want to get weed in an airport. make firecrackers keep them till security when you have to get through eat them then, they usually take about an hour to feel effects, just made 2 crackers .5 each will get you blaaaaaaazed, for the plane if thats all your worried about :) :smoke::smoke:
  17. Just mail your stash anonymously to your hotel, addressed to yourself, a week before you leave for the trip. Call the hotel, tell them, "I'm expecting a package/letter to arrive there for me, please hold it at the desk for when I arrive." Go on your flight with no worries, arrive at your destination, be greeted by weed.
  18. where are you going to? i have yet to be anywhere where there isnt at least a couple of people selling.
  19. Put it under you balls and if they feel it just say it's your penis.

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