Bringing wax pens through TSA

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    Hey guys,

    I'm trying to bring my wax pen on board with me and I'm wondering how this would be possible. I currently have a basic 500ml cartridge, and 510 thread button battery.

    If anyone has successfully traveled with a wax pen in their carry on, please let me know how to do it / how you did it :) (e.i. If I should separate the pieces, where to put the battery, cartridge, charger, etc..)

    - Thanks :)

    P.S. I'm aware of the risks, and I live in California if that makes a difference.
  2. Clean it very well and take it through carry on, not checked. Vapes are illegal in checked because of fire hazards, and if yours gets caught in checked it will be confiscated and there won't be anything you can do about it. If they ask what it is when you go through tsa, just say it is a standard e-liquid pen. I doubt they will know the difference/care enough to check. You could bring a small bottle of e-liquid of you really want to sell this.


    Edit: I have flown through LAX twice with my pax 2 and weed seeds, never had a problem.
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  3. Awesome, thanks man :)
  4. Careful. The fact that it's a schedule one substance makes it a terrible thing to bring anywhere on a trip that is not local.

    There's been instances of people getting arrested for p001 and crap like that (maybe urban myth but trafficking charges are very real and for very little)
  5. Put it and any refills in your quart size liquid bag that you put in the bin at TSA. Not sure if you need to pull batteries out of carry on when going through TSA as we do TSA pre check and don't have to remove any liquids or electronics.
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  6. Hey how did it go were you able to get through with no issues?
  7. Worked like a charm PHI>Portland
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  8. Make sure the battery is in your carry on NOT your checked luggage, they say the batteries can explode if in checked luggage, not sure how true that is, but better safe than sorry
  9. Only bring them on your carryon. Check the TSA website for information on what can and can't be brought on a plane

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  10. I’ve done it multiple times now. Pack the battery in your carryon and the cartriges with your toiletries in your checked bag. Works totally fine no problems
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  11. TSA is one of those places that even if your completely clean and have nothing on you, its still incredibly stressful going through lol
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  12. Thank you everybody for your responses.
    I originally posted this thread in case I ever would bring a pen through TSA, and that time has come.
    That's what I was thinking about doing, but I am worried that they will take it more seriously since it's an international flight. I'm going from San Francisco (SFO) to London (LHR). They're both very busy airports.
    Have you had any luck with international flights?
  13. if you live in california you should buy those cartridges with no branding on it. buy some emptys that look like it and fill up with some regular juice and throw it on your carry on. worse comes to worse play the im from a legal state and i fucked up card. personal possession problems ya dig.

    in the situation id be more worried about a dog picking me out than a person. people are stupid. dogs aren't.
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    Dogs smell plant matter not THC.
    Edit: I was wrong I guess they do.
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  15. They are focused on bombs these days..not weed. Your carry-on is fine.
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  16. This is not true. THC is part of the smell used to determine marijuana is what they're after. I worked and trained drug dogs for most of my life. We would use actual product. Flower, Concentrate, Kief, you name it. Hell I once hid a gram of kief inside a plastic container then put that container inside another container filled with water, then wiped it down with alcohol and buried it. Dog was able to find it within 5 minutes. This is how good dog noses are. The only way you're going to get away with it is because the people training their dogs in the TSA are complete dumb fucks and dont know their asses from their feet.

    Dogs are amazing at smelling. If they are trained correctly, they can find pretty much anything that has been hidden anywhere. Not every dog is trained for the same thing and not every dog is trained for multiple things.

    Drug dogs dont smell bombs and bomb dogs dong smell drugs. Human error is your only blessing here.

    Now all that being said. If a drug dog walks close enough to you to get a quick wiff of your pocket, then you're fucked. Otherwise, I doubt anyone will get close enough that will be able to smell it. If you think a dog is coming up to you to be friendly, keep walking.
  17. I'll take your word for it but then how come each time one of my friends does it they never gets caught? Just a stroke of luck? Or just incompetent employees?
  18. i know "of a guy" lol who brought a 510 sized pen, and 2 oil cartridges on the flight. smoked it on the flight, blew vape through sweatshirt, no problem...or so i heard ;) Also got bag checked in portugal and in germany, no problem. usually when they bagcheck, they check the main compartment, and almost never the small pockets unless theyre looking for something specific. Obv dont have anything else in your bag that would cause it to get checked. seperate the oil from the pen and put them in random pockets, and if htye do heck your bag, convince yourself 100% that it is e-cig liquid, and you wont get nervous. I also have accidentally travelled internatinoally with my AllinOne hitter and weed in it. Didnt even realize until I got back home! And have had nugs in my bag also without knowing it, and went thru no prob, and thats all carryon. its a risk, but they are not looking for weed and the dogs are trained for explosives not marijuana.

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