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bringing pipe and grinder on the plane

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by michaelf3434, Nov 7, 2014.

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    I'm not bringing the weed on the plane just a pipe and grinder. I don't know if these things would be taken or if I would get a ticket or if they would just leave them alone and let me go on with my day. Anyone out there able to help me out with this one?
    Thanks, have a spectacular day!!!

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    Given our governments stupid no tolerance policy the TSA throws people off the plane for dumber things. Just make sure it is cleaned well so there is no smell. I think they would probably spot the pipe through the x ray machines but for accurate information you would need to visit the website of both the airline you are flying and the airports website and view their policy on "Drug paraphernalia" You are only going to get personal accounts, and opinions here. Best to look it up from the source.
    You should also check out others posts on the matter. You will find helpful info.
  3. Both clean of any shake/rez?
  4. If you clean both completely with no res and not a single damn speck then you should be fine as the are legally for tobacco use only.

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  5. why deleting my posts -_-

    clean them out completely and claim for tobacco.
  6. I have done this before. I spent a very long time cleaning them, but I still got caught at the airport. All I got was a paraphernalia charge tho.
  7. Foolish idea. Can't figure why I keep seeing threads like this. Well I guess someone's got to pay LEO's wages. Go for it then.
  8. Made it all the way from NC to Finland with my grinder. Made sure it was perfectly clean. We're talking no specks, no nothing
  9. Maybe have some tobacco next to it in the bad. You could go to the extent of smoking a bowl of tobacco after you clean the pipe so it smells like it so it'll be easier to pass off as not paraphernalia.
  10. I'd also recommend putting it in your checked luggage if you have it. They're a lot more lenient about stuff that's in checked bags. If you're not checking a bag, well.. Good luck

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    Just buy a cheap new pipe and grinder. Unused is the only way to go. :smoke:

    EDIT: just go to a local head-shop when you land for zero complications.
  12. There is no way to get a pipe or grinder 100% clean. You'd have to buy new ones just for the trip
  13. Lmao why would you even consider this.

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  14. Just use your fingers...

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  15. It was successful. I brought a pipe and 2 grinders and they passed in my checked bags. My thinking is that TSA doesn't care at all about drugs and only want to find bombs. Only if you would have a large amount of weed would you run into a problem.

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  16. Just get scissors in your arriving airport. Buy a 3$ pipe at a gas station there.

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  17. But why do that when you can just bring your own stuff with you.

    I'm a college athlete, but I'm a stoner first :bongin:

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  18. Clean pipe, and use fingers or scissors to grind. GL
  19. I have traveled to Europe with pretty big bubbler and some other piece in my suitcase. I think that soaking your equipment in some product like Formula420 or something like that would help. Even though I highly recommend not taking any piece which have been used for smoking the herb. 

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