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Brilliant stoner song!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by sidious, Dec 21, 2002.

  1. o.k. i got a really good stoner tune.....for those of you's who've seen donnie darko you'll know of it allready....the song is called mad world by Gary Jules....i know it's a cover of tears for fears but it's really good......get completely waste dand then listen to it with no other noise in your room...indiana and RMJL i think you's will love this tune.....let me know if you's liked it....Peace out...Sid

  2. Sid,

    I downloaded it off of Kazza, and have to admit it's awesome! This is going on my stoner mix cd....thank you for sharing this, I love it! Def. make sure you check out this song RMJL, it's a must listen!

    Here's a cool link with some interesting info about the album:
  3. Told you''s such a powerfull song....the lyrics are so beautifull...all he's done is slow the song right down from the original....yet he has allmost changed the entire song.....i've allways argued with my friends about this...if you're going to cover a song you shouldn't change the lyrics at don't have the right to change the lyrics...if it's not you're least have the courtasy to respect the song for what it is....sheer brilliance.....Peace out....Sid
  4. i dont know about that... the point of a cover is to recreate the song with one's own talent. i mean if it's your talent to write lyrics...

    there's a difference between recreating an architectural work of art with some slight modifications... and actually modifiying the original structure. unless you're putting words into the original composer's mouth, i don't think there's a problem.
  5. mmmm i'm afraid we'll have to agree to dissagree....i don't know how many times someone has covered a song by a dead srtist and has killed the song so much that you think the original artist must be turning in his grave shouting..."leave my bloody song alone!"....Peace out...Sid
  6. would you turn in your grave? shit i wouldn't care.
  7. no one knew me no one knew me
  8. na i wouldn't give a shit!...but some may...well i guess it's o.k. to change the song as long as the persons alive to ask if you can!....Peace out...Sid
  9. I'm going to go dl it now. I can't wait to check it out! I'll let you know what I think, guys!!!!

    As far as covers. in general, I think that you should redo it with your style but no lyrics should be changed. I've heard covers that made me want to shoot every member of the band covering it so I get where you're coming from, Sid!
  10. I want someone to cover the old Mamas and the Papas hit "California Dreaming" But I want the lyrics changed to the way I sing it at Karoke "Alabama Dreaming"
  11. I love it! I really want to go stretch out under a tree and look up into the bright sky and watch clouds float by as I listen to it.

    Thanks, Sid! :)
  12. awwwwwwwww man. good tune. lol, pennywise covers cali dreamin
  13. Well i'm just glad that i could share a really good stoner song with my friends here at the city!......Peace out...Sid
  14. I agree you shouldn't change the lyrics if you're covering a tune.. Kidrock's remake(sorta) of Sad But True comes to mind, that has got to be the worst attempt at recreating a song ever!!

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