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  1. Hey I was just wondering if there were any Bright Eyes / Connor Oberst fans here in the city. I've known about them for a while but just started listening to them heavily recently. I've gotta say my favorite song is probably From a balance beam although I like pretty much all of it for the most part.

    So any fans on the board?
  2. Oooh yes, heart Conor Oberst so much.

    Fevers and Mirrors is one of my main autumn albums...

    ...let me explain that. For some reason, and people think of crazy for this, I tend to listen to certain bands/artists in certain seasons. In autumn, I listen to pretty much nothing but Bright Eyes, Elliott Smith, Iron & Wine, Explosions in the Sky and Beirut. For three months straight, haha. In any case, Fevers and Mirrors is an absolute favourite, along with Letting Off the Happiness.

    Favourite songs...
    -Neely O'Hara
    -The City Has Sex
    -A Line Allows Progression, A Circle Does Not
    -Something Vague
    -The Movement of a Hand
    -Sunrise, Sunset
    -Landlocked Blues
    -Drunk Kid Catholic
    -Hot Knives
    -Lime Tree
  3. Definitely. When I first heard it I treated it as emo shit, and then I gave it a chance and realized I liked what I was hearing. Through Bright Eyes I found out about Cursive, and now I love both bands. Bright Eyes' new album sounds killer too, I need to get it already.
  4. i know this is an oldish thread, but I DO THAT TOO!!!!!!!
    hahahaha thats amazing :)

    oh and i love bright eyes/conor oberst too of course

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