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  1. Well im at that time, I have a male and female that i wanna breed and produce seeds for future grows. I have a few questions that im not certain with, What light schedule should i put them under and how many days before i produce heathly..strong seeds? Thanks.
  2. Let them start flowering at the same time. Thats how it happens naturally, and thats how lots and lots of seeds come about.
  3. Hey bro,

    Breeding is fun - but let me recommend something, unless you are prep'n seeds for sale at a vendor for your strain.

    Only pollinate a couple branches of your lady.... I just did this, pollinating 2 branches only, and ended up with close to 45 seeds....and a plant that still had 80% of it's buds seed-free!

    What I did was keep the male in another room, using light from a nearby window to keep it going. I then put a couple of white pieces of paper around the plant to catch the pollen. Once a day I would collect the pollen and using a tiny model paint brush, would 'paint' that pollen onto the couple of branches hairs....

    Works like a champ and gives you the best of both worlds - seeds and bud! :)

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