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    so basically i have 10 plants ,at first i examined them and they turned out to be all female but then 2 weeks in 2 of them grew banannas but the other plants of the same strain didnt, so i have 2 hermaphrodites and 8 females i grew these plants out before from seed and they always tend to be female i was just wondering if i let the ones that turned hermaphrodite pollenate the other females would i get viable seeds im very sorry as well i was stoned and put this in outdoor instead of indoor
  2. The seeds produce when a hermaph pollenates a female should all be feminized. The hermie pollen does not contain the y chromosome of a male plant needed to make a male seed.
  3. That is not necessarily so. It has to be a special type of hermie. And plants do not have the same X and Y chromosomes that people do.
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    Listen to Cantharis ^^ what you will have is a bottle necked population of female and hermaphroditic DNA. Starting with that small of a population which is not a true breeding or a IBL and making seeds from a hermie will yield a diverse genotype distribution in the F1 generation. Read up on breeding more before you make this leap. IMHO, cloning would be better for you at this point. Peace

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