Breeding from fems

Discussion in 'Cannabis Breeding' started by 2cent420, Oct 30, 2022.

  1. I always thought fem breeding was a Nono in a breed program ?
    Told it’s not pure n clean genes and you need regs or ya hermie etc

    I can’t find the strain I want in reg anywhere all out stoc world wide

    And a dude said use a fem ver which I can get … but been trying not to ?
  2. you can still get regular cannabis seeds, in both autoflower and photo-periodic or normal,
    meaning you flip to flower 12x12 once you have done with veg, autoflower you need not.

    if you can find a local male, a true male not a deformed male from a feminized crop then yes you can grow your own strain but it takes planning with rules to follow

    see Robert Clarkes book Marijuana Botany

    seeds: All products - Herbies
  3. Believe it or not. Everything you hear about feminized seeds and mothers is NOT true. I make crosses using feminized females and as pollen donors. I have made thousands of feminized seeds and many different crosses. I have had ZERO hermaphrodites.

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