Breeder BS?

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  1. I am under the idea that Sativas stretch, have long airy buds and don't yield as much as the shorter more heavily yielding indicas... if thats true how can they make claims like this?

    75% Sativa: Super lemon haze
    Flowering indoor: \t\t\t \t\t\t\t9-10 weeks with a production
    \t\t\t\tup to 700 gr/sqm

    75% Indica: Kosher Kush
    Flowering time: 9-10 weeks
    Yield: 450-550g/ m2

    Is it a marketing ploy? complete fabrication or did they grow the SLH to 15ft indoors?
  2. since the SLH has more time to grow buds, it produces alot. My SLH is right up there with my top yielders...but at the cost of 2 extra weeks flowering.

    but yeh as far as breeders go...don't believe the hype. Just read a few journals and you can see results for yourself. Breeders like to mess with yield #'s and flowering times to make the sale.
  3. Perfect thanks alot bong, will be getting SLH now for sure as my first grow strain.
  4. it's delicious :) is the lemon skunk. :)
  5. Grown super lemon haze for three years now. Never give it up. When anyone smells that bud in a jar they all have the same reaction!! Yes. Lemony!!!
  6. SLH may not be the best beginner strain . it is sensitive.
  7. I've been lurking overgrow and here for years i'd like to think i've went from beginner to novice.
  8. LOL .................................................

    I used to actually post on OG..
  9. word

  10. All my sativas seem to produce more than my indicas.. I agree with Bongsause, the few extra weeks really make a difference. But then again I've only grown 3 indica dominants, and they may have been crappy genetics.

    And I never go by the breeders info. Every grow environment will produce different results.

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