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    so i got this little guy 8 months ago. it is... was 22" with 1 perc. glass on glass. no brand no markings so i dont know who made it.

    sadly this happened to it yesterday when i was cleaning it.

    so now im looking for a new one. and i wanted to ask you guys if AMG is any good.
  2. thats an easy fix for the right guy :smoke:
  3. I googled AMG and to me they look cheap. Dont know what site your talking about so I dont know if its a scam.
  4. thax for the help u guys
  5. I had an AMG that just broke...they are not cheap, but if your looking for high end then AMG isnt it. I would say AMG's are mid grade bongs at best. I dont think they have reinforced joints (mine didnt) and the beaker bottom on mine was pretty thin. Had a small accident and knocked the beaker against a tile, but like with any piece, if you take care of it, it will be fine. You can get a decent AMG for 150-200...for reference mine was a 2 foot, diffused downstem, and single 3-arm tree perc w/ ice pinches + a bag for 140. Hope this help...happy toking
  6. AMG is deff better than the chinese joint you broke, pure is decnt too or get an ehle off of EDit. or go to weedstar dot com and get some gangster mid glass for good price, thats where im getting my next setup
  7. amg is shitty. go to your headshop and get a decent local piece or if you want you can get that thing fixed for mad cheap. Just contact stoneglassworks.

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