Breaking Bad

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  1. Flew through this show i was hooked from episode 1. cannot wait for season 5, season 4 finale was crazy
  2. haha yea, breaking bad is probably one of the best tv shows ever.
  3. Just got into this, watched the first two seasons over a day.

  4. Anybody know when season 5 is starting?
  5. Nah ^

    i wish jesse went back to his old self from season 1 saying bitch all the time and shit haha so fuckin funny. now hes all goddamn serious
  6. i think i know how its all going to end...cancer might actually catch up with walt after all...
  7. ^that seems likely... its going to be hard for them to make a happily ever after type of ending
  8. i know they are adding 2 extra episodes to the last season to tastefully end it...i also believe that jesse will fall deep into addiction or completely stop producing after walt's death...i hope those fucking bitchs skyler and ted get hit by trucks.
  9. Yeah a great show. If i remember correctly at the end of the last season i saw jesse shows up to kill the other man that work's at the lab and knows the cooking process. Because jesse and walter think gus is going to kill them. so is this the end of season 3 or 4. Im not sure if i am a season behind. Thanks
  10. ^ that was the end of season 3. jesse kills gale because he was gonna take over for walter

    u gotta watch season 4 dude, its nuts
  11. Yeah i want to. Did you stream it or buy it.
  12. honestly i was gonna buy but couldnt find it anywhere, ended up torrenting it
  13. Season 1 was my favorite
  14. yeah you gotta torrent season 4, pirate bay has it.. its fucking big though

    anyway, I really wish season 1 was stretched into 13 episodes
  15. you guys should try watching sons of anarachy just as good!
  16. Walter white is a bald creeper
  17. heisenberg is a goddamn boss
  18. ^haha, I love how he used that name like once and it spread all over the place
  19. who wouldve thought a 60+ year old teacher who has no knowledge of the drug dealing business would be able to deal with the situations in such a smart way

    like when he chucks that piece of meth he cooked up in tuco's place at the ground and the shit blew up
  20. Teds dead baby, Teds dead.

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