Discussion in 'General' started by STONER_GIRLIE, Mar 3, 2003.

  1. hey everyone, i have a question... what your favorite breakfest to grubb on after waking up from a night of gettin smoked out? mine would be mexican food when i go out with a group. we hit up a mexican resturaunt and show em what its like to grubb. if its just me i LOVE flaming hot cheetos and a hot hazel nut coffee.... its great!
  2. we always make breakfeast at my house. we make choclate chip pancakes or waffles and hasbrowns. some bacon and sausauge links usualy round it off. Its sooooo good!
  3. I just like bacon, eggs, sausage and some biscuits... :smoke:
  4. Bacon or Sausage and eggs with Biscuts and gravy!

    Now I will have to fix that for supper!
  5. fuck i luv scrambled egg mixed some bacon and hash browns . that is the shit
  6. Sausage and biscuits covered in homemade gravy, best breakfast ever.
  7. I love scrambled eggs and hash brown toast sandwiches....but I'm allergic to eggs:(
    So everytime I eat them, I get incredibly sick, but I still eat them b/c I love them so much
  8. pancakes and scrambled eggs all the way
  9. i like the whole hashbrowns and eggs and what ever else. im nt a big fan of waffles unless were having it with chicken... might be kinda weird to you guys. i love pancakes with peanutbutter and bananas on them. and my hash browns with sour cream. its the greatest.

    with eggs, i cook them spanish style with a mexican sausage called chorizo, tomates, papas, and chile. if any of you have never had it and were here, i would make it for you. i know you could love it!
  10. i usually wait a good 2-3 hours before i eat when waking., but i either like cereal with o.j. or hash browns with bacon & poptarts for later .

    i cannot eat soon after i wake'n'bake or i'll yakk it back out. i dunno why., i am a light eater to begin with though.
  11. we throw a whole bunch of stuf intoa skillet: potatoes, bacon. onions, garlic, hot peppers, whatever else we happen to have on hand, and fry it on up. it always turns out great and we never have enough.
  12. as long as you can microwave it in two minutes or less, it's awrite when baked-over
  13. Fave breakfast? Gotta be a Full Fried English! 2 sausages, 4 rashers of bacon,1 fried egg (although I usually have an omlette instead cos if I try to eat an egg thats prepared with the yolk and white seperate I vomit!) 1/2 fried tomato 1 black pudding, beans, fried mushrooms, french toast,Hash browns, couple of rounds of toast, cuppa tea...Bloody Gorgeous!

  14. The BEST while stoned, I tell ya what ^.^
  15. PIZZA! cold or
  16. Scrambled eggs on buttered toast and Irish bacon. I rarely eat breakfast though. Maybe once every couple of months.

    I don't like American sausage, but I can eat American bacon if it's not crunchy.

    Sometimes, like when I go camping, I like a nice toasted bagel and some apple cinnamon oatmeal.

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