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Breakfast Time

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Das Nuk, Jan 26, 2011.

  1. Just ate this bad boy.


    Tasted damn good and now just waiting for it to kick in. From what I heard, these were made with cannibutter that has about an OZ of herb per stick of butter. Will report back later with results.
  2. It either looks delicious, or like something that came from Oprah's crotch area.

    Either way, get high off it!
  3. Now THAT is a raspberry bar. The cookies from the batch are destructive. Someone ate one at about 3pm... said he still felt it in the morning.
  4. Dude!!!

    I came to the city real quick to show y'all my breakfast and you already started a thread! nice.


    Made like 40 of these things yesterday..
    in response to your OZ per stick of butter, these only have about 5 G's of kief per stick :smoke:
  5. Reporting back in. That Raspberry Bar kicked my ass. I ate it and smoked half a bowl and I'm still rocking a nice buzz and body high :D This are damned good.

  6. These are amazing.
  7. :)

    BTW found out the deal with the cookies... turns out the person making the cookies was supposed to make 36 from the recipe... instead there are 16... so.... WOW.
  8. looks fucking tasty, u think you post the recipe or did you buy it?
  9. haha,came from Oprah's crotch area,cool
  10. The bars are Krusteaz Raspberry Bars. They're in the baking aisle of wherever you buy food.
  11. that explains alot! o_O

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