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  1. Today after 7 years my boyfriend is going to break up with me because he wants me to choose him or weed when I've been smoking way before since I met him. He's a great guy and he does everything for me. So over the years I lied and I kept it from him which is totally wrong but I didn't want to give up something I love and that makes me feel good and I didn't want to lose him either. I guess we can't all win in the long run. But I just can't understand why he does not accept it half the time I was high around him and he didn't even know the difference. I'm so stuck and I have no clue what to do how would I live and I start my life all over again after 7 years of being with somebody over weed! It's 2016 who doesn't smoke.
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  2. Get a vapr and tell him it is nicotine

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  3. Lpl

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  4. I wish it was that easy I already been hiding it for years but today he went past my car and he found weed on my seat. So fml
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  5. He wouldn't even allow me smoking tobacco
  6. I've been with my girl for two years. She knows about everything I've done, especially in HS. I've also had to hide the fact that I still heavily smoke, and drink occasionally. I feel bad about it, I really do, but I honestly just can't stop. We're still together, but I know she'd break it off (or just be uncomfortably pissed at me, then we'd probably just split up anyway). It's a hard situation for sure.
    Has he smoked before?

    And I can understand him not wanting that, but to not "allow" you is too much (referring to tobacco)
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  7. Yeah I mean I used to hide some weed and cigarettes so he thought I smoke cigarettes and he never wanted me to smoke cigarettes even through a pack once he found them. That was years ago. He never smoked once in his life. But I met him from smoking with his friend so it just started off fucked up.
  8. You can't have a life-long relationship with someone who doesn't love you for you and all of you, warts and all.
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  9. He does "everything" for you and you lied to him for years. It doesn't matter that it's about weed, it's a principle thing. Now he could be asking himself what else you possibly could have lied about. You feel hurt, imagine how he must feel. If there's no trust there's no relationship.
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  10. Yeah but when he gives me a choice it's hard to choose.
  11. What does weed mean. Is it grass?

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  12. I would say he wasn't the one for you then. If he loves you it won't matter . your not shoving it down his throat nor doing it around him so... Its more about control imo

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