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  1. There protesting there. 
    Anyone got some scoop?

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     Only know what I've seen on Al Jazeera.

    It seems as if the demonstrations started out as a protest against the new hike in public transportation prices and then turned into a demonstration of government spending in general with the world cup financing at the center. Awesome to see these protests throughout all these different countries. The people of the U.S. could learn something. 
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    It is really kicking off over there at the moment.
    I visit Rio a lot and it is a very different world than what most of us are used to here. Brazil is country with a lot of problems, corruption being the biggest. This is the right time for the people to riot. The Confederations Cup (soccer) is on a the moment and there is  a lot of media present. There is a world cup and Olympics planned in the next few years. The people want the countries money to be spent on Brazil and Brazilians rather than some petty sports event that the vast majority of the country would not be able to afford a ticket for.
  4. Apparently as of now there is approximately one million Brazilians protesting across the country. I was supposed to go to the world cup next year, but I guess we'll see how long and widespread these protests turn out to be.

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  5. Hopefully they'll be kicking up dust when the World Cup is there. They'll surely get lots of attention then. Just don't take it so far that it'll disrupt the WC too much because I'm really looking forward to that. Hopefully we'll finally win one but I doubt it.

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