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  1. what up everybody, first off i hope you all are doin' good im just chillin' waiting for class to get out to burn up :smoke: . Anyways, my buddy grew this past summer and got a super nice harvest out of it with 2 plants and made $2200 so thats where I want in haha. I am going to grow in Madtown (Madison), Wisconsin. I know a little from reading the forums but really want some professional advice from you guys. I plan on buying 5 female seeds off a secure seed bank online. I am currently in MN living it up in college and will be back first week in may and plan on germinating the week i get back and have them in the ground by the 2nd week in may. Besides germinating I AM CLUELESS. If you guys could give me a rundown as to how to get my babies up and running once germinated in a safe place with plenty of sunlight for them to grow. Materials (What i need), maintenance, costs (close as you can get), and tips or advice. Anything will help. appreciate it everybody!

    get blazed!
  2. more than enough info out there, you gotta make an effort to read something, we can't do it for ya....
  3. Read until you go home in May...I spoon fed someone earlier. The stickies have more than enough info to get you started, then come back with more specific questions.
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    I never say much to noobs with posts in single figures, just refer them to the stickies and search button. There are hundreds of posts where some noob has said - I want to grow, tell me absolutely everything I need to know. People have generously responded with their time and effort, and the questioner has never been seen again.
    Having said that, welcome to GC Wiscompton, and good luck with your grow.
  5. thanks for all the help guys, I realize I am a noob on this but just have a more specific questions. I have been throwing myself into these forums and have learned quite a bit. The grow is in a spot where I can probably have 4-5 footers. Last year, the danger of frost went away after about mid-late april. Do you have any suggestions as to plants with good yields able to survive some summer nights into the 50's, mayyyybe 40's but rarely. I appreciate all the advice and realize i shouldnt look like such a newb! haha so again, I pose the question: what strains are good for the first time outdoor grower in wisconsin? I have read many but just wanted some growers opinions.
    Thanks a lot! keep on smokin ! :):smoke:
  6. also, I am looking for a strain ending late august early september. thanks!
  7. cool thanks, MADISM. Do you know where to find out when that harvests? sounds like the seeds i will be getting for sure!

    keep blazin!
  8. It's OK to be a newbie, just that these questions above are pre-answered for you in the sticky posts, grow guides, etc.

    As for strain I usually recommend Northern Lights or a NL cross for newbies because it is hardy, potent, grows fairly low, takes well to training/snipping, relatively short flower time, and sometimes is low odor.
  9. thanks, Toastybiz i appreciate your advice. I have been looking up the harvest dates of NL #5 and can't seem to find one. can anybody clarify the harvest date if I start in early May?

  10. Harvest depends heavily on the photoperiod -- if you want to harvest in late august or early september, I suggest you figure out when your days start getting shorter. The plants decide when to flower based almost solely on the photoperiod, so you can manipulate when they flower if you choose to do so.
  11. ok, that is some great info to know, thanks a lot stevie. So the days start to get shorter around the end of august area so there are long days all the way until i leave. Is this a bad thing, good thing? When should i start to manipulate the plant and how? I think that i will need to have them harvested by the lastest the second week in september. Am I wrong to say that the plants don't need as much watering or attention in the week previous to harvest?

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