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  1. ok i know if i serched the forums i could find the answers to my questions but im lazy so anyways
    1. when should i start seeing sighns of my plant being a female or a male, like how many weeks after ive started growing?
    2. my frien is growing a plznt and he says its male wat shound we do with it let it keep growng or wat? growing mine outside and its in about a 1 ft long 6 inch wide and 6 inch height sterilite container, is tgis good enuf to start growing the plant in.
    4. how bad is it if i miss a day without watering it.
    5. wat do i have to worry abpout mostly about growing outside, besides sumone finding it? Its hidden really well and its a 30 sec walk from my house and noone can see it unless i took sumone back there no one will ever find.i usaully go back there alot to smoke so i dont need to worry about it being stolen.

    i guess thats all the Qs i have for now.
  2. 1. A few weeks into flowering,
    2. Kill the males as they have no purpose apart from making seeds with
    3. Im no expert but tht souds ok for starting though after about a week say 1 ½ gallon
    4. Not tragic you shouldnt be watering too much anyway
    5.Animals pissing on it wont help, apart from that don't really know

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