Brand New Smoker From Orlando, Fl

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by ThreeFiftyZzz, Jun 7, 2013.

  1. Hey GC.! I'm 27 and I just started smoking this past March for the first time. A coworker got me into it and I gave in because I figured it would help me with all the stress in my life right now. Ive never even smoked a cigg because its just not my thing. Im now kinda wishing I would of joined my friends in hs when they would smoke because it was just always available to me. I was never against it but just never tried it. My account was having login and validation problems so i couldnt post/reply for the past few weeks until now. Just wanted to finally say whats up. If anyone is a gamer im on xbl. Gt is the same as my username.
  2. I added you, I'm Nuclear Gooch.  What games do you play
  3. Sup i live near Orlando

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  4. in your area though my xbl is out atm
  5. Welcome newly found brother! I started smoking when I was 13, my school would have tons of pep-rallys about how the devil's lattuce is bad and will kill you. But I smoked some and have been loving it for nearly 7 years.

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