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    I bought a new hammer bubbler for 50$ today. It smokes really well, but i kind of bought it spur of the moment. My question is, for about the same price range, is a hammer really the best way to go? im kind of thinking i should've pulled the trigger on a sidecar. What is the best type of bubbler?

  2. Nice pickup. Imo, i like the sherlock bubblers the best; i seem to get the fattest rips from mine compared to my friends hammer and my other friends double chamber. I have yet to hit a sidecar though...
  3. ive never personally known anyone with a multi-chamber bub, how much harder r they to clean?
  4. He said its pretty damn hard to clean compared to his zong. Whenever he cleans it, it takes a couple washes with alcohol and coarse salt, plus a hot water bath just to get the grime off the inside of the second chamber.
  5. Liking the new glass, very col see through, and etc! EnJOY
  6. I get the best rips off my sherlock bubblers. nice lookin piece too
  7. I like hammers actually, i have a double sherlock bubbler thats pretty nice. But i really like hammers. My first and now-only- hammer bub is still with me, it changes color a bit and has a removable grommet bowl. Sick.
  8. I really like my hammer bub. I don't think the shape of the bubbler has any effect on how it smokes; I think the main determinants are the amount of water it can hold and the length of the downstem.

    Yours looks fine. Don't worry.

    Plus, every try carrying a sidecar in your pocket? Not easy.

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