brand new 1000 watt hps dimmable air cooled electronic ballast for sale!!!!!cheap!

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    tryingto dump a 1000 watt ballast described above,brand spankin powerfull for the space i have and need to sell it.i kno this really isnt the venue but its on craigslist boston under 1000 watt ballast in so. shore for 200 in wey.if anu on1 might b interested please check c. list for it or shoot me a direct message on this medium and i'll guide u thru.pic available upon request.great product!just dont have the space.$200 which is a 50% discount just has no box,but guaranteed brand spankin,100%%%%%%%,u can tell just by lookin @ it.if interested get @ me @ 781-267-4406:hello::):smoke:
  2. Not the wisest thing to be putting on here...

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