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  1. two of the plants have a wilted branch -the top of growing leaves hang like they are under watered, the rest of the plant branches is normal it's a full sunny day -anyone has any experience with the problem or insight into what may be the cause.
  2. Outside plants will wilt during the day in direct sunlight. As long as they're not too dry, should be OK. Post some pics to make sure, but it's normal. Check them again later on in the evening as the sun goes down and see if they don't look better. But again, pics are always the best route. TWW
  4. I should have also stated the plants are in the ground - my apologies for being so disorganized as far as the description of the plant and the problem.
  5. thank you for your help. I just think that only when only one branch has the problem out of multiple branches that it is some anomaly. Could it be in the soil, some obstruction?
    Five plants in the same area, same water schedule, all with multiple branches and only two of these stems are wilting and only the tops, some of the fan leaves are still normal.
    The average age of the plants is 2monts old -it's a real head-scratcher.( to spooked to post pictures)

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