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  1. i smoked some of the weirdest weed today that made so many things dawn on me. Like i invented the best reason for legalizing medical marijuana ANOREXIA. i realized that the matrix is based on the bible and is the corniest movie on earth. man im still ripped any of u guys ever toke sum bud that makes u think?
  2. wow, those are some pretty unique thoughts right there.
  3. ahha i can see the headline..
    "Global Anorexia Results in Marijuana Legalization! Pot Smokers Everywhere Rejoice!"

  4. Yeah except Anorexia is usually severe self-esteem issues, not a simple lack of appetite

    And i love your sig
  5. Heh, i love the matrix man, especially high, but hey, to all his own. And anorexia is more depression and self image than just not eating, as someone already said : P

  6. you can already get medical here for no appetite from cancer or something like that. also can for a bad back, basicly anyone can get one here.

  7. Every time.

    and what made u to belive the Matrix is based on the bible?
  8. because it is. zion? the one? ... other stuff... lol
  9. haha which christian divine prophet martyred while battling a world-ending force to safe the city or zion?
  10. u dont get it neo is like jesus saving the zion which is like earth from sin (all the robots and stuff). And at the end he ends up dieing i think... to save the city ya digg?
  11. No the matrix really is based on christian religion, we watched it in religion class when i was younger(no shit, and yes im in a private school.....its overly gay but atleast its in the middle of the ghetto and filled with black people who hate it as much as i do)

  12. If you didn't already realize this by the time you saw Neo's crusifiction scene, you should maybe smoke less :D

    The Matrix is very much based on the Bible. Neo (Jesus) performs miracles and dies for the good of humanity. He has disciples. He is the Chosen One. Like Jesus, Neo doesn't really want to be the savior of humanity but is forced to chose between himself and the better good for all people. And on and on. The difference is that Jesus didn't fight off agents with magic kung-foo.

    As long as were on this topic, something that always bugged me:

    George Lucas is a no-talent douche. His original Star Wars were sucessful because he took a very common story (Knights of the Roundtable type stories), added some spaceships, and called it good. I mean come on, white vs black? lightsabers = swords? force = magic? Jedi = wizards? The unknown prince who rises to his destiny. The only thing Lucas did was really push the boundries of special effects, and that's the only reason Star Wars was so popular. The story itself is very old, and he did a poor job of masking the obviousness of it (he gave the Jedis SWORDS for christ sake), but because it was the first time people saw that kind of special effect it was popular, at the time. But why it's still popular, I'll never understand, since it's basically a sub B-movie plot.
  13. jesus didnt fight agents with magic kung foo?.... news to me....

    also, what movie isnt based on something previous? you have to admit the first movies were really good and the last one was pretty good.

  14. Yeah I like the Matrix and Star Wars movies too, but Star Wars kinda scares me, because there are so many fanatics. I mean there are whole bookshelves in bookstores JUST for books based in the Star Wars universe. So I guess my only "point" was that there are a lot of people *completely in love* with a poorly conceived movie series who's entire "hook" was just it's special effects, which are far-outdone by today's standards. I mean I can understand being a fanatic of like The Lord of the Rings books since they were so detailed and stuff, but Star Wars was just Lucas going "look at the cool special effects I can do" while using a thin plot to show them off.
  15. now i agree with you there. star wars has become so damn commercial it makes me sick
  16. wow if everyone just smoked weed like EVERYONE we would be driving flying cars and stuff. Imagine what scientists could come up with baked out of their minds.

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