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  1. Well over the years ive seen a multitude of scientific programimng that dealt with the brain capacity of moder humans, and it got me thinking, "What if we unlocked the rest of our brain."

    Have you ever though about what we could accomplish while using 100% of our brain capacity? In these programs the experts say we use from 10-25% of our brain power, now if you consider all that we have accomplished with this small part of our brain, theres no limit to what we can do with all of it. anywhere from 4-10 times the brain power could lead us to unlocking the secrets to the universe, why we are here and where we came from. not only that but we could overcome all need for violence and hate.

  2. i blame tv.

    just fo thoughtful purposes lets just say we only use 10%, think of what could happen.
  3. Television, the drug of the nation.

    Alas, we use all our brain all the time. Though some parts are more active than others depending on circumstances.
  4. We do use all of our brain, but I'm sure some people have more developed parts of the brain than others.

    So, instead of the "we only use 10 percent of our brain" thing what if it's "we only use 10 percent of the brains potential". :eek:
  5. I would not say that, but there seem to be some correlation between what we'd call genius in one field or another and some forms of mental disturbances. Which could indicate that some parts of the brain when suffiecently stimulated or just plugged that way may lead to higher cognitive functions, but carry the price of non-normative behaviour.

    But I am no neurologist, so just regurgitating what seems to be a common conception. Though, the smartest people I know personally, both physicists, have had a bout of mental care.
  6. some people may act like theyre only using 10%..... at least thats my opinion :D

    I always felt the saying originated from the thought that we use 10% of our brain for cognitive faculties. I dont know how accurate that really is either, but IMO it's closer.

    if you think about all of the "passive" functions / systems in our body, all regulated by our brains sub-consciously, youll see why we dont have unused portions of the brain. At least not in any substantial quantity.

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