Bradley Nowell: Crazy fool - Portrait of a Punk

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by BongBassed, Oct 25, 2003.

  1. I'm reading this book right now and it's awesome. the pages are decorated with sublime and bradley pictures and tons of interveiws with family and friends. Has any one else read this book or interested?
  2. i'm defintely interested, what all does it cover? got a link to where i might purchase it, or download in ebook format?
  3. go to, that's where i got it. it covers mostly every part of his life, i'm in the middle of the book at the moment, it has a buch of interviews with his family and friends/bandmates.
  4. sublime the greatest band of all time....please share the knowledge i've been in love with sublime the whole gang since iwas about 6.....can u tell me if there are any other book?... thanks friends

  5. :D edited that amazon link, with the comma, couldnt get there :)

    anyway..i am 90% ready to buy the book...thanks for the heads up :)

    I was a lil discouraged about the sure is up there, but from what I understand the proceeds go to Jake :)

    *reaching for credit card*
  6. im sold!

    done deal :)

  7. bad habit to be getting into sensi! i just ordered it myself, thanks for the headsup!
  8. do u pronouce brad's last name, no-well or noel?
  9. that's how i always pronouced it, but my friend pronouced it noel, so i was a bit confused, thanx

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