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Bradley Manning and Julian Assange Both Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Discussion in 'Politics' started by ProvidencePlant, Sep 28, 2011.

  1. Bradley Manning and Julian Assange Both Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize | Death and Taxes

  2. I wouldn't mind it.
  3. if obama can get it why not them?

  4. Exactly, wether you agree with them or not, they certainly did more to deserve it than Obama, who literally did nothing.
  5. They absolutely deserve it.
  6. Yeah, but after the thing was tossed to Obama, what is the Nobel Peace Prize but an insult? I'd tell them to keep their trash. The money though, that all spends the same.....
  7. ^Good point.
  8. Obama received the Noble Peace Prize, for what again? Oh, thats right, jack shit. It kinda brought down the prestige of the Noble Peace Prize but like you said the money they will get from this will support the WikiLeaks movement a lot.
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    to make anything he does an excuse for humanitarian reasons

    notice, once obama was elected the news about fighting in the middle east has slowly deteriorated from main stream news - as opposed to when bush was in office, it was on constantly

    now it revolves around protests & government throwdowns ... & national scares like CARMAGEDDON
  10. that would be freeking awesome. if one nobel peace prize winner is imprisoned or executed by another....... the well of irony here is bottomless.

  11. that's a lie. he's black, what more do you want?
  12. I hope Bradley Manning wins.. i'm sure he could use the moral boost right about now.
  13. Anyone who puts power and authority on it's toes deserves reward.
  14. I think the peace prize doesnt mean shit after Obama won it. That being said I think julian deserves it.
  15. That'd be nice if Assange got it
  16. Julian Assange is a hero.
  17. It's a nice recognition, but the nobel peace prize is a joke.
  18. If Manning gets it that would mean the US is imprisoning a Nobel peace prize winner. It wouldn't be good for America's image. I wonder if it would have any effect on his fate.
  19. we already have a peace prize winner that assassinated citizens of his own country. why not have one peace prize winner imprisoned by another. the irony is too much.
  20. In the words of the late, great George Carlin: I have no stake in the outcome.

    Once Obama won one, it lost all meaning. It's just another distraction.

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