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Braces question

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Florida420bud, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. A friend of mine who got braces today came to me with a question that i didnt have a definite answer for, so i decided to ask GC.

    Is it ok to smoke a few hours after getting standard braces?Im sure hes in a bit of pain, so if its cool im prolly gonna smoke him up so he stops thinking about it.

    Will toking be any different for him?

    thanks guys
  2. The only issue I could imagine would be him staining the shit out of his teeth, but if they're InvisAlign style ones, he's probably good
  3. Yeah he will be fine, it may actually help to distract from the pain caused by the pressure on his teeth. Get him hiiiigghhhhh
  4. Once I got so high that a small toothache I had felt like a pleasant buzz in my teeth. Never knew pain could feel that good ;)
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    I got braces this past summer and I've been smoking since. He will be ok to smoke after he just got his braces on...You can smoke all you want while you have braces just make sure you brush your teeth everyday. Everytime I go back to get my bracers tighened the dr tells me I always have some of the cleanest teeth he's seen.

    The main thing you got to do to keep your teeth and braces clean is to brush and use the little bitty pipe cleaner brush they give you...To get up and in between the braces on every tooth. That is what keeps your teeth clean...Not doing that and just brushing will not be near as effective.

    and after you go back to get your wire tighented tell them you want to floss your teeth real well before they put the next wire on.

    I'm stoned as hell right now so I hope I didn't fucking drag on lol...I'm sorry...

    I've smoked about 10 min before going in to the dentist..and they always compliment my teeth lol.

    Tell your friend he will be fine...Just make sure he brushes.
  6. I don't know how long it takes for the glue on braces to set, but the dentist should have told him to "Wait so many minutes before eating" if He's past that, than the smoke will have no effec ton the already dried and hardened adhesive. So remember, if it's cool for him to eat again after getting the braces, it's cool for him to toke.
  7. thanks guys. im about to go smoke him up because i guess something happened to his wire and it poked into his gums. So hes in a lot of pain

    mango kush should help...
  8. He should be good, but try to make sure he doesn't think about his braces that much, becuase he might think it isn't a good idea and he might get a little paranoid, but he might not too, it depends. All I know is one time I got my braces tightened and smoked that day, and I was pretty high, and I got really bad cotton mouth and then it felt like my gums were reallllllllllllly dry, and I thought somehow my teeth moved and smoke seeped into my tooth because the gum wasn't tight around the tooth and I thought my gums dried out, it scared the shit out of me.
  9. its definitely ine, i wouldnt even worry about the staining as long as he keeps up with brushing his teeth
    he'll need it too that shit hurts like a mother fucker i know, i had them from age 9 to 14
    have fun!:hello:
  10. haha everything went well. i got him baked off his ass and he forgot about the braces.
  11. god that fucking sucks...

    im so glad i got my braces off in like 8th grade lol

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