Bpp's evil streak

Discussion in 'General' started by 420girlie, Jul 23, 2002.

  1. Anyone else noticed BPP is bein' extra jerky lately?

    Man, what a jerk ;)
  2. Hey, My mom says you have to play nice with me or I'm taking my ball home!
  3. Fine, but your not coming to my birthday party ;)
  4. Who wants to go to a girl's party anyway! I bet you got cooties or something.
  5. I can't have girl parties because I only hang out with one girl

    So I have guys instead

  6. I thought all you cheerleaders hung out together? I guess being head cheerleader has its price.
  7. MY GOODNESS BPP!...making fun of a poor girl with PHS like that....let me guess..you probably go aorund bullying helpless old women with wheelchairs in public also dont you?....well you should be ashamed!

    (hey the ice cream man wants to come to your party girlie!)
  8. Wrong again Hank!!!

    After reading your bashing of her in my General Grow Forum I have decided to become her champion and protect her from evil creepy looking guys such as yourself!!! How dare someone from Oregon put her down because she chose to defend the state of Washington. A state named after the founder of our country, the greatest president this great land has ever known. And where pray are you from...??? Oregon??? What does Oregon mean? Who's honor was your state named for??? :) :)

    P.S Girlie, remember its a full moon and us lunatics tend to run a little extra crazy now, nothing evil just luna-ticking!!
  9. Oregon my kind sir was named after sir richard oregon!..founder of west new guinnea!

  10. How can you compare that to Washington? A state named after a Pommie that no one has ever heard from compared to the greatest American of all time.
  11. you may be unaware, but the great state north of me is not named for the first president of our glorious nation!....Tis named for the great george washington carver! The genious who proved us all wrong in that tomatoes were indeed edible and not poisonous!....and dont get started on the peanut butter squabble my kind sir! for that is just a rumor and he never invented that delitious creamy substance which his good name is often connected with! I bid you good day sir!
  12. i thought john hanson was the first president of the U.S.......look it up:D
  13. he was the first leader of the newly formed united states...and another 9 or so other "presidents" after him...but george washington was the first president under the newly ratified constitution....DUUUHH!!
  14. MANY MANY MANY people consider him THE first president...
  15. MANY MANY MANY people consider tomatoes to be a vegetable

  16. OI Piss off- I AM A POM (but did you know that P.O.M. stands for prisoner of her/his majesty so technically that means AUSTRALIAN CONVICTS!- SO GET THE FACTS RIGHT...)
  17. WTH tomatoes not a vegetable? It has to be. I am learning to be a vegetarian. No tomatoes i'll go back to eating raw dogs!!!!!!

    **Anyone else noticed BPP is bein' extra jerky lately?

    Man, what a jerk**

    When was he not a jerk!!! [edit critter]please refrain from any futher personal attacks.lts not his fualt he,s being a jerk .ha ha lol ha ha [​IMG]
  18. I find that to be quite cool that australians showed england up and fuckin built some major kick ass cities, even though they were supposed to be suffering

  19. SOunds like someone needs to lay of the booze and smoke a fatty!

    I thought you were a Scot and lived in the glorious land of my ancestors, until we were forcibly removed and shipped to the USA!

    But is Pommie a bad term? I always thought it refered to the English and not the the other British citzens. I have also seen where POM stood for Port of Melbourne and Product of Mother England.

  20. Amen nubbin, it's not my fault, it's a medical disorder ;)

    p.s. sorry ice cream man, you must be at least 46in tall to ride this ride ;) not to mention I find shitting on the floor quite offensive.

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