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  1. Wanna toss some of that expert tomato knowledge my way...not been to much into these pre-rooted hybrids from the'ol wal-mart....

    To me ,,they look like hell,,,planning to transplant into larger pots,,,planned on using the rest of the miracle gro potting mix plus,and regular miracle grow potting mix,,that I grabbed for testing....sound good,,,or no....


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  2. when i used to work at a greenhouse we used to sell the best fucking plants around to walmart and they just let them go to hell. But my ex-boss didn't care more than half there shit would die and they would be calling him back up for more. Yeah it looks like you need to use some miracle grow potting mix to me.
  3. I bought all my tomatoes pre-rooted from Wal-Mart. But The nursery they get them from is just down the road and when they get here they are in good shape. I try to get the small tomatoes that are only about 3-4 inches high in the 6-pack containers.

    When you transplant them buury them all the way under the soil except for the top couple of nodes. The existing stem will revert to root stock and the new stem will really take off and produce lots of fruit. I use the same ferts for tomatoes as "other" plants. And I also add epsom salt when I fertilize. Not much, maybe a tablespoon per plant every 3 weeks. Took a count the other day and had over 300 little green tomatoes, maybe when they start to turn red those low flying choppers will quit buzzing the house.
  4. Yeah..I did just exactly that,,,figured I would treat these no different than anything else I end up saving from death...

    I usually start from seed,,never did the wal-mart thing...I know the wife got them for next to nothing,,,probably due to the sick,wish they could die look...lol

    I normally use lime....do you have a specific reason ,or purpose to using the epson salts?


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