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BPP, Bud Head and Ashley Judd

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Big Poppa Puff, Apr 19, 2002.

  1. Oh yea of little faith, Mr. Bud Head. You don't think i can't get Ashley judd to chase me? You should know me better than that. that sounds like a dare to me and i don't back down very often from a personnel dare. I can guarantee you that if you can get me and the New Catwomen together in the same location for an extended amount of time, she will be chasing before the day is through.

    I've had girls chasing me for years now since I was at least five years old. Bugs on their face, pulling pigtails, snapping bra straps, dropping ice down their pants, giving them a wedgie and saying "Supa Thong", the list is endless.

    But to prove my point here's how I will go about doing it. After a while of nice conversation with Ashley and she starts to feel comfortable around me, I'll go on my big comic routine, telling funny stories about myself like the time I got kicked in the gonads by a jackass you know something humorous about myself. She'll get to laughing at me and then I tell the story " You know they say if you can get a girl to laugh at you, you can get her to go to bed with you. But in my case its always the opposite. Yeah If I can get a girl to go to bed with me, she winds up laughing" That one always makes girls laugh, then you say " Hey your laughing at me now, I know what your thinking" and then they laugh some more and punch your arm.

    Now by this time I'll ask her if I can get a picture of the two of us. She's listed as being 5'8" so she's really 5'6". I 'll put my arm around her shoulders and as you Mr. Bud head say cheese and snap the pic, I'll grab her boob with my draped over arm. A surprise boob grab in a picture always makes the girls chase you around for a punch in the arm.

    Have a good weekend at your honor party! And try not to have another heart attack on stage old buddy!
  2. ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!

    BPP you are one crazy Bama man. You are going through to much trouble to get chased by a woman. All you have to do is simply walk up to her and ask to see the part of her body that your man hood should be parked in. Then ask if you caould park your semi in her garage till you both feel better!!!!!!!!

    Ashley is sytill going to try and make it to the party. I will talk to her and see if she thinks she wants to meet ya!

    I'll have to say if she does want to meet ya i'll do my very best to set it up!
  3. ok...I'm a little tiny bit drunk...and majorly stoned...but, I would give a mint to be Ashley Judd right about now....[​IMG]

  4. I wish I could come to this party to meet Ashley Judd & to watch all the men flirt with her, drink a few beers smoke some weed and have a good time. Hope you guys have a good BBQ~!!!
  5. I would love to see them appoach her fresh J hanging out of there mouth etc. Oh it would be hillarious.

    does she toke?


  6. Yes she does. Not as much know as she used to. They have started drug testing actors and actresess.

    Ganja just come on down and party with us. It is always better when we hit the hundred people mark.

    There are alot of us that takes walks away from the untokers. Most of the time we stay away for an hour or so. They know when we come back smelling of weed, but they never say anything about it!

  7. If it works, keeep at it!
  8. Have a good weekend at your honor party! And try not to have another heart attack on stage old buddy! [/B][/QUOTE]

    Take care Bud Head, I'm lookin' forward to havin' a smoke with ya and maybe listenin' to ole' Willie!! unlike BPP, I have no celebrity crushes on possible attendees, lol, ( ya'll know PoohGator now reads the Board, lol )
    Am more interested in meetin' Blades, in person! LOL :wave: ;smoke:

  9. I've been chased over doing that before!

    Cowboy come on down!!
  10. Just keep looking around and you'll figure it out.

    Did you enjoy the beach with ya baby?

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