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  1. Would you like being a females boytoy?  Would you see this as a postive or negative?  Girls what does the word mean to you?
    I suppose for me it depends on what I want out of the relationship, getting used for sex certainly isn't the worst thing in the world..but what if you catch those feels?  Females what do you do if you start to have feelings for said boytoy? 

  2. I'd enjoy it. I am a boytoy I guess but it's more of an established fwb deal. I'm 19, not looking for a relationship.

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  3. Rather be in relationship an be the toy

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  4. A female can use me for sex anytime, not an issue.

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  5. I'd prefer to be in a normal relationship, but I could make an exception if the person is hot enough.
  6. I would prefer role-playing. Asking partner to visualize me as an MD specializing in vulvology.
  7. I feel like if I'm kinda just getting used for a fuck n I was feeling the girl a bit n wouldn't mind moving forward with her and if she said no, I would b like wat Dont she see in me the reason she Dont wanna just b my girl. Or wats wrong wit me
  8. been there done that got the t shirt. it was fun, but it gets boring. 

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