boycott Life.

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  1. i didn’t ask to be born.

  2. It only happens once so we may as well give it a whirl.
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  3. Ya know, the sun is nice. Then there’s bugs n animals n stuff.
    But I’d have a lot more fun if we weren’t worked like puppets through the whole spiel.
    Still stands. Boycott life.
  4. Work, labour and love is what makes us free.
  5. That may be your perspective.
    But to a lot of people, actual freedom is a far fetched idea today. And as far as I see, that’s absolutely the case.

    I mean hell, we can’t even travel freely if we’re not told that we can.
    But, to each their own good buddy
  6. You have a choice, you can always perform a post birth abortion,

  7. Pro choice ftw
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  8. The only way to compete with socialism and Communism is to become socialist and Communist. If you're an American born after 1970 you've never lived in anything other than a banana republic for the PRC.

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