boy or girl?

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  1. any help would be great photo4.JPG

    looks like a girl to me but why is it flowering when it's so small.  Is this an auto-flower strain? 
  3. Not sure the seeds were a gift,  it baffles me, its got the white hairs but i can't tell if its pollen sacks or little buds??
  4. Might just have to wait it out and she how she does, and looks to get a better representation.
    None the less, welcome to GC!  :smoke:  Oh.. and smoke 'em if you got 'em!
  5. It is a girl, You may harvest about 1 joint if you let it grow.
  6. O come on Snoop dog , cut him some slack . Dude it's the hours of day light that triggers flowering . Plant earlier next year .
  7. yeah ha ha  I'm a rookie thats for sure  i started her outside and we had issues with the soil,watering,nutrients , etc etc 
    by the time i got it right and  she started going, it was time to flower ……. 
  8. :confused_2: what are you babbling about. snoop was superbly professional. :bongin:
  9. Ask a question , expect an answer . Not a joke . That's how a professional does it . Just saying lol It's all good ! Peace !
  10. thanks to everyone for the input  love this site!

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