Boy Or Girl? Pre-flowers in Veg

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  1. I have (2) Ace of Spades, and (2) Apollo 13 BX that have been in veg for 40 days. Upon examining them this morning I noticed three of them are showing some sort of pre-flowers, I looked at them with a scope and I still cannot determine whether or not they are boys are girls. Please take a look at the photos and help me decide. Are they early calyx formation before the hairs pop out, or are they balls??
    I hope they are all not boys, that would leave me with one Ace of Spades, and two little two week old Bubba Mantis F2's, and completely screw up my cycle.

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  2. Looks like it might be female, maybe not though calyxs all look the same until the hormones reach a peak and the males will be very easy to notice... (It won't look like weed) If it is male it will flower when it is mature. It does not need a 12/12 photo period to flower. If your plant still only has one small calyx at the nodes it is female if there are clusters it is male.
  3. Looks like titties to me!
  4. If you don't see pistils in the next 5 days they are probably male. It is too hard to tell in the pictures. Could go either way.
  5. Look female but only a 12/12 cycle can true trigger except on autos.
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    Once a plant is mature enough it will show sex, doesnt have to be in flowering. I vegged some plants for 2 1/2 months one time and they showed sex around 2 months. They were from non femenized seeds. It was during my very first indoor grow, out of 12 plants we had 6 females.
  7. I usually see my plants pre-sex around the 40th day of life. Depends on genetics a little. The first flowers are usually on the 12th to 14th nodes. I use this as an indicator the plants are now mature enough to enter flowering with vigor. My pre-sexed plants transition to flowering quickly compared to plants which are placed on 12/12 before they hit "puberty."
  8. Hi nrib,
    Please post back the outcome with pictures if possible.
    I'm on my first attempt at sexing & on my third grow. I flipped to 12/12 seven days ago & am anxiously waiting for my plants to mature. I'm checking them every couple of days.
    Thanks & cheers,:wave:
  9. They can take up to 10 day but usually show after 7. Good luck.
  10. Alright, so I am now about 49 days into veg and both of the Apollo 13 BX have had little hairs pop out from the area pictured in the original posts. I am quite excited, and still waiting on the two Ace of Spades.
  11. Congratz papa, it's a girl!

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