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boy-o-boy... again

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by highawatha, Mar 13, 2003.

  1. well todays the day. me 5 teachers an hopefully NOT the principal.
    i dont know what it is about going back to the 4th grade, thats intimidating me so. cept for one lil boy with many F's...the teachers are younger than myself. the principal was my kids baseball coach for 2 years.still i'm a nervous wreck! never missed a conference cept once, an i loove to hear how smart he is. just laaazy. i dont think they can forcefully hold him back. ( yep,im a little worried) he passes his proficiency tests easly, in the 4th grade ya need them to pass. aargh!!!
    i think we might need to hire him a math tutor. HE"LL LOOOVE THAT.
    ok so im/he's needing some, just a tiny bit, of yer goodluck karma.
    eek i hate this
    cant wait till tonight when its over an i can have a nice loooong smoke, while playing his video game. an oooh yea he was mr pissy bout that, "mom i just got a new game an all."lol too bad lil man. *i have to play his games the real way for he memorized 50,000 cheat codes in his brain.MUST BE WHERE THE MATH PORTION IS SUPPOSTO GO!!!!!

    ok i's done again an feel all better now :D

  2. ::does goofy looking sending good karma dance::

    good luck :D, lol... i did the same thing when i was in school. i could ace the tests with no beef... but i was lazy as shit and never did any of the class/homework. pissed my parents off so much, lol.
  3. I hated homework. I didn't see the point in doing it if I already knew it all. I got a mad paddling from a teacher in 4th grade. She beat the shit outta my ass. I was a smart ass when I turned in my notebook. I wrote one word on each page in HUGE letters making it one long sentence saying something to the effect that I already knew how to do that and I wasn't going to do the homework no matter what she told me to do. She drug me outside, made me put my hands against the wall and she made my ass BURN! She was a good teacher, though. LOL!

    So...good luck ~karma~ is headed your way!!! :)
  4. Good luck and karma too ya........even though you're probly home, now. Don't let them teachers intimidate you!!! YOU are the momma. Love ya girl!!
  5. my 8th grade class terrorized all of our teachers. most of the teachers said we were the worst class they have ever had. one of the teachers started to CRY! HE said he was sick of us and walked out side and started to cry. and one of my friends threw a tennis ball at the same teachers face..........LMAO! but i will never forget the day a class of 13-year-olds made a grown man cry :(............................:) pretty funny though
  6. *wanders thru the door with that "what's did I miss?" look on his face*

    Late again.

    I'll send Karma anyway.

    I knocked off a Schwan's truck the other day, so I got lots of chicken strips.

    So you gonna happen by here and tell us what happened?

    Or are you still at school with sweaty palms, high heart rate, and hoping they don't call YOUR parents?
  7. sending good luck karma [​IMG]
  8. Smokie you are one funny dude!

    Highya I hope things went well. Good karma (late or not) to you!
  9. No wonder why nobod wants to be a teacher these days. Kids are bastards and they get payed dick.

  10. most kids are alright if the teacher is really mean or really cool. kids are worse with nice teachers. "i think they are mistaking my kindness for weakness" -kenny
  11. LOL
    kenny was a great kindergarden teacher!

    I get along with some of my of my old teachers even chiefs!!!
    just found out about that, too bad hes not my teacher no more :(
  12. whew! glad thats OVER. yea i went with sweaty palms an all.
    they really are nice teachers, an this is not the first time ive had to sit at that looooong but table withem
    they have given him and several others the chance to the the missing work an get the zeros outta the grade book. sooo he did that. yea...
    guess what they came up with? they asked if this would be ok with me?
    seems he's got a lil crush on one of the other teachers, an they told him if he turns in his homework on time he can go down an get a hug from this purtey lil ok almost 11 an lil a horndoggie himself. THATS what they came up with. im like whatever.
    when i tell him all ive learned he's liike "mooooooom, howd ya know that?" im like your not retarded i just came back from there, who the heck ya think i ws talkin to? soooo, he'll be okay i spose he wants those hugs. bet i know where he burying his sweeet lil face.....

    so im kinda easy an he's ungrounded, but still cant play his games fora while, but at least he can leave the house. wait till i let ya'll in on the gang of chillins that came bikeriden over to pick him up the other day. im like, um do your mommas know yer ridin on the road."um YEA", ummm, he's grounded. he normarally hangs with my friends kids, well his lil friends are quite different. funny lil monkeys.
    eeek my kids a and so are his real friends. at least theys nice polite punks.
    boys :rolleyes:

  13. Hehe, he's one of the coooooool kids ;)
  14. Wow, that was pretty random ;)

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