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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by TheArrow, May 8, 2003.

  1. I'm going to get a 4x4 ft by 6 1/2 foot tall box made out of soundproof material nailed to a frame, and here is my main question...

    Would a 430 watt son agro hps cover that size, with decriminilazation by june 30th here in canada supposed to happen I want to be ready..... I will have a fan and air holes on the bottom, it will be on wheels.... If I can I got the plans to build a carbon air scrubber from Overgrow FAQ, Will this be enough, I hear 430 watts = 42-44 cm from tops at times.... With this size of box should I go bubble bucket w/ organic or organic w/soil...I'm thinking SoG. How many would I need to cover 16 square feet.... my lumens is 430 / 30 watt square foot = 14-15 feet, I hope Mylar and fluro addition on sides can compensate....

    Would this work, If so, I can have everything up and running, and hopefully get a male so I can pollinate to donate to He sent me mine for 10$ canadian (5$) us. Indoor mix... please help the man help others out by donating seeds.... you can contact him for mailing info and possible donation depending on size and quality of shipment. ( SMALL donation, lots of gratitude),
  2. I would go for arund 600 watts if your growing +4' big plants and you have the height so i would say 400 isnt enough. more watts=more bud
  3. I might try and grow SOG to 3 feet, maybe put 20 in 16 sq feet, would this work.
  4. Im going for 4 x 3 now, Could I grow maybe 15 in 12 sq feet?
    I have enough height for up to 3 1/2- 4 feet.... will be cutting all fan leaves blocking bud sites for optimal coverage.
    I now know the rule is 50 watt per square foot, at this I would have 36 watt per square foot, should I cut the 4 ft and make it 3 x3, Ive seen 400 watters pull off 4ft by 2 ft grows, I hope the extra 30 will work. Otherwise I might just get a 75 watt hps close to my fan.
  5. a 400 watter can allmost cover a for getting 15 in a 12sq feet space...mmmmm depends on the size of the pots......i'd go for 12, that way your plants are getting approx 3750 lumens each, more than ample.......but that is going to smell a lot.......what's the ventilation like....?.......Peace out........Sid
  6. I have a 50 cfm bathroom fan, I figure put it about a foot below the ceiling to get the lamp heat from different possible heights.... I figure since it's my first time I can try 1 per square foot and after maybe a sog and have 15 in there....
    I just need a trial batch first.... for the smell... I don't know what to do, but until I can see That I am going to flower I will build a small Carbon air scrubber on top of my chamber, and lenghten my hose . I figure a box 2 ft high and 17 inches by 26 inches, 1 inch bigger than filters.and load it with 2-3 filters w/ carbon should work. I will have it reversed, Filters at the bottom of the box and the fan on top sucking out...

    so one pushes the air, one pulls the air through the filter... should cover enough.

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