Bowls On A Plane!

Discussion in 'General' started by GigTown4Life, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. Ha, no really though. I've been in Colorado for about a month (live in WA) and while I was here found a nice little piece I really liked and ended up buying it. So now its been smoked out of I don't know how many times and I'm heading back home in about 10 days. So my question is, how should I get her back to the motherland safely? Do I just try and stash it in my checked luggage and assume it will be fine? Or maybe just walk it through security and pray I'm not chosen for one of those "random" searches (which has happened before)? Otherwise I'm just gonna mail it to myself I think. But I dunno. What do you guys think/recommend?
  2. Mail it to yourself.
  3. Mail it to yourself with no return address or you clean it out really good. If you get caught with that, you're screwed, don't take the chances.
  4. Put it in your arse hole.
  5. I brought 7 grams from Nebraska to Texas in my checked luggage.

    I got it in the mail that day from a friend LITERALLY as i was leaving the state. I checked the mail on the way to the car.

    It simply stuck the entire envelope in my bag.

    It was there when i got home.

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