Bowling for Columbine

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by ViCA, May 21, 2003.

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  1. Yesterday i saw the film Bowling for Columbine.

    I think it\'s a great film. !!

    What do U think about this ??
  2. never ever heard of it..... was it good? what is it about?
  3. The movie-maker Michael Moore, also known of LotR,

    made a movie about the shooting in Columbine at a highschool. and about a six-year-old boy who took a gun to school and shot a six-year-old female class-mate..

    and why it\'s so easy to get guns and ammunition..

    and the big question, why in canada only a few hundred are killed, and america thousands of deaths each year..
  4. I thought it was a good movie. I thought it was a little unfair to make connections between the NRA and the KKK though. (The animated history of the united states)
  5. great movie! being from the United States it really made me think and made me want to move to Canada
  6. Mickeal Moore is my hero, he gets the point across quite well, heh, he\'s the one that made anti war statements at the emmy\'s or grammy\'s or arby\'s or whatever, brave, smart and he has a book called \'stupid whie men\', gotta love \'im :D
  7. Waiting to see that movie, tried to download it from DC++ but there was some trouble etc.
  8. loved the movie. michael moore is just great
  9. Interesting movie, but laced with liberal propaganda throughout. Canada\'s population doesn\'t come even close to the U.S.\'s. Also, the facts aren\'t right on gun deaths in Canada.
  10. yep I saw it....It seams that marilyn manson had some of the best quotes in it even though people think he is a menace to society.


  11. Totally agree, I thought it was funny that he seemed to be the sanest one out of all the people interviewed!

    I also thought the way he ripped into Charlton Heston at the end was good as well!
  12. i fucking hate michael moore havnt evan seen movie and dont want to see it. on my hate list he\'s above osama bin laden and saddam

  13. Micheal Moore for president!!! :D
  14. The animated history of America was very good.

    And in fact, when the KKK was dead, the NRA was born in that same fuckin\'year. What a coinsedence.

    And why is it, that 11000 get shot every year in the US, and in Canada, only 165 die of gunshot wounds ??

    In Den Helder, where i live, we got big problems with black people. They are from the Dutch Antilles, and the only thing they can do... is thread people, intimitate, robbing and most importantly using and dealing cocaine...

    I wished, I had an M60, or something like that.. and i would shoot every motherfucking last one of them.

  15. Er? Ok!

  16. care to elabourate on WHY you hate him ??? cos he points outthe flaws with the USA ???

    i personally love stupid white men(the book not the people), need to see the films too

  17. So when Bin and Saddam get together and make a fact based documentry about america instead of being terrorists and dictators you\'d hate them more than er, More?
  18. And why is it, that 11000 get shot every year in the US, and in Canada, only 165 die of gunshot wounds ??

    vica, you need to get your facts straight. in the u.s. there are a hell of a lot more than 11000 gsw deaths, and a lot more than 165 in canada. there are a lot more deaths by guns in the u.s. than there are in canada, but you have to look at the population also. there are more people in california than all of canada combined.
  19. I enjoy Michael Moore\'s films as much as the next guy. I really like his style of humor.

    But PLEASE everybody keep in mind that the film \"Bowling for Columbine\" is fictional. Many of the events in the movie either did not take place or were embellished for dramatic effect.

    A quick example:

    Scene: Michael Moore walks into a bank, opens an account, and walks out with a gun, that was given to new account holders by the bank.

    Truth: The bank depicted in the movie does not hand guns out to new customers. You need a federal firearms license to distribute guns. The scene was staged.

    Factual basis for scene: The bank had a rebate program, where ONE of the rewards for signing up for an account was a gift certificate to a local hunting & gun store.

  20. that fat fuck michael moore twists the facts around way too much.

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