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Bowl stuck in bong! Help!

Discussion in 'Bongs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by KindKush, Jul 29, 2010.

  1. The title says it all :(

    I have a Syn Showerhead bong that seems to have a problem. I cleaned it after I used it yesterday and then took it out today and found that the bowl was stuck in the bong and can't be removed. The water that was leftover must have not dried and caused the bowl to dry into place, connected to the bong... I clean it whenever I use it and this has never happened before! Any advice? Thanks!

    I have tried many times to twist and pull it out but have found no luck. I ran hot water over the neck and then attempted to take the bowl out and had no luck with that either. Finally I tried to freeze it and pull it out after, but that did not work.
  2. Spread some butter on it? Then clean it?
  3. how the hell do you have 5 bars of bad rep?! thats like 500 bad reps
  4. Yeah I was about to ask the same thing! I did not however in fear of seeing why hahaha
  5. any suggestions?
  6. if u can get water or some form of liquid between the bowl and the bong. ( pics would help people understand the exact problem) try putting your whole piece submerged in water and leave it there and pray water is able to get between the glass. if that fails try pouring rubbing alcohol over the part were the bowls stuck in the bong try to get as much of it in between the glass good luck man keep posting with updates :smoking:
  7. if its good glass then leave it out in the sun. if not just crack the joint itl come out and you can buy a new bowl for 20 bucks
  8. Cold water on the bowl and how water on the downstem/in the bong
  9. same thing happened to me a while back this might sound crazy but it really
    works put some vegetable oil on it and try to work it out I tried every thing to no avail and finally I was like fuck it and poured veg oil on it and it came right out
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    I actually signed up to this forum for this post alone, to say the two guys above me just saved my bong.
    Bowl got fucking stuck in the downstem for reasons unknown, but if you are like me and found this post because your bowl is currently stuck, literally all you have to do is bring your bong to your kitchen sink, pour hot water over where the bowl is stuck/where it fits into the stem for like a good minute. Then pour A LOT of vegetable oil over the same spot all around, (can even use a steak knife like I did and cut around the edges, desperate situation calls for desperate measures haha) and let it sit for a minute. Then repeat the water step, but this time cold water!
    Finally, after all this, grasp the bowl as far down as you can (closest to stem) and make sure it's a firm grasp supporting the whole bowl, before you pull up with slight pressure. It look a couple seconds of pulling and my bowl was finally free!
    I hope this advice can help save someone else's bong!

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