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  1. Bowls for bongs.

    Are they universal?

    In other words, do all bowls fit into all bongs?
  2. NO!

    All GonG (glass-on-glass) pieces have a certain size joints(the part where the bowl and downstem connect to the bong). Those sizes are 14.5mm, which is average, 18.8mm which is a bit bigger, and 29.2mm which is a size only used on the biggest bongs. Why bigger sizes? A bigger sized joint allows for a much bigger pull. While there are various adapters you can buy, all the fittings you buy for a piece will mostly be all the same size.

    Non-GonG bowls can be of all different sizes but tend to be around the same.
  3. thanks man...cuz i see a lot of people posting pictures of a ton of bowls that they have along with a few bongs and all the bowls are always the same size.
  4. Yeah, when it comes down to joint size it's all about personal preference. Personally, all my stuff is 14.5, it's the right amount of airflow for me. Some people like more, its all about what you prefer.
  5. my glass on glass pieces are 18.8. and thats mainly because i buy thicker glass.. which is something ive noticed. the thicker the glass, the thicker the joint. i know most shops wont let you pull on a bong until after you pay for it *health board reasons* but just play around w/ different pieces that are different sizes. or a combonation of sizes. see whats right for you.

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