bowl getting wet on bubbler

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  1. So I have a Sherlock with snorkel carb. Seems when others hit it the bowl gets wet along with any herb and resin therein. I've tried reproducing this problem thinking it might be to full of water or they're hitting it too hard, but nope bowls still dry. My first guess is that their coughing into it, but I haven't paid that close of attention and nobody's fessed up. What do you think? Whys my bowl getting wet? I'd like to know so we don't have to torch the thing the entire hit.

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  3. Off the top of my head all I can think is maybe they're exhaling before smoking when they put their mouth to it, or they're tilting it too much. When i first started smoking, I would unintentionally exhale a little bit between my pull and my inhale. Could the stem be ruptured?
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  4. That could be it...maybe they're prepping for their monster rip...hope my stems not ruptured, doesn't appear to be
  5. Could have even been my own prepping, I'm like an asshole who rarely coughs after a hit drilling my friends for
  6. maybe the sudden drop in vacuum pressure is sending the water back up the downstem?
  7. I also thought of that, but it would do that pretty consistently if so. I tried go thx for ur reply
  8. Right away I see a major problem.

    The bowls empty!

  9. A
    Hah! And there's no water in it.
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