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bowl gauze

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by watermelon, May 10, 2006.

  1. if you hold a flame to a gauze you will find that the gauze stops the flame on contact.

    my idea is to place a gauze ontop of the bowl of a pipe/bong, so that when lit, the flame does not come into direct contact with weed, only the heat coming from it. the weed will still sit in the bowl as normal.

    with controled breathing do you think it would work as a vaporiser? harder tokes will pull more heat through the weed and vice versa.

    does this work? anyone done it?
  2. id imagine some fumes come off the gauze and it would eventually burn.

    Im not sure though its a cool idea if none of that is true.
  3. That would end up being worse than using aluminum... the fumes would most likely make you very sick.
  4. yea those fumes that come off glass are terrible....:rolleyes:
  5. just try burnin it for a long time then maybe it'll be okay
    but i wouldnt try it
  6. honestly, if i were you i would simply look for a vaporizer head to drop into a bong. basically you put drop it in the downpipe just like you would any bowl, and heat it the glass up till it smokes. my friend had one and i KNOW ive seen one on a website somewhere. if i can find it ill drop the link in here
  7. make a lightbulb vap
  8. i dont want to buy a vape, or build another light bulb pipe. this is another idea.

    if it works you can make a vape with nothing but a guaze. it doesnt get any eaiser than simply sticking a gauze over an existing bowl.

    im not sure if this could be harmful to the smoker. i plan to use stainles steel guazes.
  9. i think the stainless wont work because it will get too hot and go beyond vaping into burning

    glass transfers heat differently, and with a commercial vap, the temperature at which the weed burns is very precisely controlled

    i also think that the metal gauze will be fine, it gets lit anyways when you use it, so direct flame shouldnt be a huge worrk
  10. id only use glass gauzes. metal does have stuff that comes off it when it burns, glass doesnt.

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