bovice in the house

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by hisdudeness300, Oct 2, 2007.

  1. what up everyone, just found out about this site and signed up immediatly!! awesome site btw. i love forums, im on like 5 different boards.

    anyway, my names andrew, but people call me bovice (funny story actually) and i smoke a lot of weed haha. probably not as much as some of you guys, but i definitely enjoy the ganj. i live in santa cruz, california and go to the jc in aptos. i cant wait to become an active member here and look forward to becomin friends with everyone on the boards.
  2. "man I spent a lot out here with some of my n***** man, you know, with BOVICE involved.. and my n**** Van"

    is that the bovice you are reffering to? anyway welcome aboard.
  3. haha thats where it came from. it started at some huge party with a fat beer pong tourney and after winning a few games and moving up the bracket, my parter was like thats my ***** bovice!!! and then from then on that just stuck haha. the bracket started with derek & andre, and by the end of the night more than half the bracket was derek and bovice, and i was introducing my self to peopel as bovice. good drunk/high times...

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